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How to switch to a new contractor accountant

Last updated on Friday, May 6, 2016

Written by Alex Cadman

As a contractor with a limited company, having a good accountant is essential to operating your business efficiently and maximising your take home pay.

A good contractor accountant will provide a service that will manage your limited company finances from start to finish, helping to reduce the stress, confusion and administrative burden of operating a contractor business. If you are not receiving a high level of service from your current accountant, it may be time to think about switching.

When evaluating whether you should change your contractor accountant, there are a few things you should ask yourself:

  • Does your accountancy provider understand contractors and the contractor industry?
  • Does your current accountancy service suit the needs of your business?
  • Does your current accountancy provider have a dedicated team on hand to assist you with all of your queries quickly and efficiently?
  • Does your current accountant keep you informed about industry news and legislation changes?
  • Does your accountant reply to your queries within a suitable period of time?
  • Does your accountant strive to resolve any issues at a high level of customer service?

If you feel that your accountant is not providing you with the service you thought you would receive, or if you feel that you are doing more limited company administration with your current accountant than you would like, then it may be time to switch to a better contractor accountant. Using a service that specialises in contractor accounting and that fully suits your business needs will relieve the administrative burden of operating a limited company and allow you to focus on doing what you do best.

As your new accountant, we can guide you through the entire switching process, and make sure switching your accounts is quick and requires minimal effort on your part. We can advise you on how to navigate through the changes, and we also have a new plan in place that will help you maximise your take home pay in light of 2016 legislation changes.

Regardless of whom you switch to, your accountancy service provider should simplify the process of operating your limited company. Here is a check list that will help you determine what to look for in a contractor accountant, and help you make the decision to switch to a service that better suits your needs.

The key things to look for are:

  • An understanding of UK tax laws. Choosing an accountant that understands and complies by the rules set out by HM Revenue & Customs is crucial.
  • Expertise in contractor accounting. Choosing an accountant who specialises in the contractor industry ensures that your needs are met by dedicated professionals. For example, Churchill Knight has been providing accountancy services to contractors since 1998, so we understand the industry through and through.
  • An all-inclusive yet personalised service. Will the service manage your accounts, bookkeeping, payroll, invoicing, quarterly VAT and annual return? Will the accountant take the time to speak to you personally about your individual queries and requirements? Churchill Knight provides all-inclusive accountancy services for one fixed monthly fee, and we also provide you with a dedicated account manager that will make sure all of your needs are met.
  • Full support in switching and bringing accounts up to date. If your accounts are up to date and you choose to switch to Churchill Knight, we can switch you to our service for little to no cost. If your current accountant has not provided you with all the services you require and your accounts to be brought up to date, Churchill Knight can also provide this service and help make the switch as easy as possible.
  • A proactive service that does not rely on software to do all the work. Some contractor accountants in the UK rely heavily on their clients inputting data into automated accounting software. If information is recorded incorrectly, it can cause stress and hassle. However, experienced contractor accountants, such as those at Churchill Knight, do not have to rely on software, and can help ease as much administrative burden as possible.

Whatever your reason for choosing to switch accountants, it is important to make an informed decision and choose a specialist contractor accountant that includes all the key criteria listed above.

Switching to the right contractor accountant for your business can be simple and seamless. Churchill Knight’s dedicated team can take care of all of your contractor accounting needs, providing you with unlimited support in operating your business from start to finish.

If you are unsure about how to switch contractor accountants, we can answer any questions you may have and guide you through the entire process. We want to make sure you are happy with the accountancy service you rely on and we can provide you with unlimited and unrivalled support to make this happen.  

Churchill Knight’s all-inclusive contractor accountancy service encompasses everything discussed in the check list above and more. Our expertise and experience in the contractor industry will help you to enjoy minimal limited company administration and maximum take home pay. If your current accountancy service is not providing this, then contact us at 01707 871622 or email enquiry@churchill-knight.co.uk for more information on switching accountants. Alternatively, use the request a callback button below and we will call you back at a time that suits you.

You may also visit our testimonials page for evidence on how happy our clients are with our limited company accountancy service.

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