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You candidates will become our priority

Become a partner with an industry expert

We have been working alongside recruitment agencies and helping their candidates with contracting since 1998. Our highly trained experts have an extensive knowledge of the contracting industry and are ready to provide your recruitment agency with the exceptional levels of support you expect, as well as providing your candidates with a service that is second to none.

When you partner with Churchill Knight, you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager. This means that you will have your own point of contact that will help ensure your questions are answered quickly and efficiently. Your Account Manager will be easy to get hold of on the telephone and by email. They will also be delighted to pop into your office for a catch up when you require one.

As a partner of Churchill Knight, you will have access to our ‘Recruiter Guide’ series – a collection of informative guides exclusively designed for our recruitment agency partners. These guides will bring you the latest industry news and important updates to legislation that will affect your recruitment agency.

Churchill Knight is proud to be accredited by Professional Passport, APSCo and TEAM, and we regularly undergo audits to ensure the services we offer are always to a premier standard.

We understand that your candidates are your priority and when you partner with Churchill Knight, they become our priority too.

You and your candidates will be in the best hands

We offer all the services that contractors require when starting their first, or next temporary work assignment.

  • Contractor accountancy – from the initial company formation to month-to-month accountancy services, we will ensure your candidates receive an exceptional level of service.
  • Umbrella service – the perfect service for your candidates on a short term assignment, a contract in the public sector and for those who are not looking to start their own limited company.
  • Sole trader, SMEs and landlords – we also have these covered if any of your candidates are interested.


Benefits for your recruitment agency

  • Since 1998, we have been providing professional contractor accountancy and umbrella payroll services (as well as accountancy for sole traders, SMEs and landlords). Since the first day of operation, John and Louise Payne have remained partners and owners of Churchill Knight, making us a family run business.
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager and unlimited support.
  • Total piece of mind - Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd is fully compliant with HMRC legislation.
  • Compliance with the Managed Service Company Legislation (MSC), Targeted Anti-Avoidance Rules (TAAR), Senior Accounting Officer Guidance and the Onshore Intermediaries Legislation.
  • Regular updates on the latest industry developments and changes to HMRC legislation.
  • We can help your consultants raise contracts quickly by setting up your candidates’ limited companies within 24 hours.
  • Training from our specialists, for your consultants.
  • Access to our ‘Recruiter Guide’ series - a collection of informative guides created exclusively for our recruitment agency partners.
  • Your reputation will be enhanced because you will be working alongside one of the leading limited company and umbrella providers in the UK.
  • A service accredited by Professional Passport – an audit for accountancy suppliers to ensure services meet regulatory UK Government standards.
  • Partnership with an APSCo member – the only trade body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK Professional Staffing industry.
  • Partnership with a member of TEAM – the UK’s largest network for independent recruiters.
  • Many more.

Benefits for your candidates

  • Joining our all-inclusive accountancy or umbrella services is incredibly easy and we will provide them with an impartial discussion to ensure they opt for the most appropriate payroll service for their working circumstances.
  • Customised take home pay calculations for running their own personal service company or working through an umbrella company.
  • A preferential service from our experts.
  • We are fully compliant with HMRC legislation and we will ensure your candidates are operating compliantly as well.
  • Access to their own state-of-the-art online portal at no extra cost.
  • We will take care of their administration, taking the stress out of running their own business.
  • We will provide them with answers to any questions they have on contracting, legislation, compliance and accountancy.
  • We can set up their new limited company, or set them up with our umbrella service in just 24 hours.
  • There are no start up or close down fees, and no hidden charges along the way.
  • Unlimited free advice and support.
  • We will more than satisfy their requirements. Churchill Knight are providers of accountancy for contractors (as well as sole traders, SMEs and landlords) and a PAYE umbrella payroll service.
  • We will regularly contact them and check they are using the most suitable payroll option for each of their contracts. If they want to swap from umbrella to accountancy, and vice versa, we will do this for them at no cost.
  • Many more.