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What our clients are saying about Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd

To find out how our service could work for you take a look at what some of our clients are saying about us.

John Morin Director Niromtec Limited
I was new to contracting and had little idea about setting up a business, keeping the finances in order on an ongoing basis and avoiding any potential pitfalls. Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd, who came on recommendation, made the whole process easy. On an ongoing basis the invoicing, expenses handling and remittance advice has removed the chore of having to manage this myself, all communications in these areas have always been prompt and clear. Notification of when and how much to pay for VAT etc. have also always been clear and timely.
Keith Sefton Director KDS Facilities Services Ltd
From initial discussion to my company being set up and running, the team at Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd have been very informative, supportive and responsive; I must say that for a first timer I found the process was made straightforward and simple with the help of the whole team. The back-up support on an ongoing basis has never disappointed either, Churchill Knight have remained attentive and efficient throughout.
Kristian Berry Director Argon Prime One Ltd
I have been with Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd for several years now and I find the ease of working with them to do my accounting is what keeps me with them. I have very little to do which gives me more free time in my personal life, something which makes it worth sticking with them. I trust them to do what is needed to keep my accounts in order. Trust to do things right is the most important thing to me when doing business with anyone.
Andrew Priestley Director Sound IT Consulting Ltd
I was very impressed with the speed and simplicity of having Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd set-up my new company and get me started. Helpful staff were there to answer my queries promptly.
Brian Joyce Director MIA Tech Ltd
Friendly, helpful staff. Easy set up including bank. Simple to use documentation. Nothing against recommending Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd to others.
Chandni Rosser Director Singularity Solutions Limited
I am happy with Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd and do recommend the company to my friends as they have done well by me and I feel comfortable that all the advice and assistance is legal and safe.