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We provide a range of accountancy services, including limited company and umbrella company accounting. View our Services page to find out more.

About Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd

Churchill Knight’s purpose is to help independent professionals succeed by providing specialised and tailored accounting and payroll services. We believe in maintaining the human aspect of accounting whilst providing our clients with a high-end, high-tech service unrivalled by online accounting software providers.

We started with the goal to meet the growing demand for specialist contractor accountants, and have played a role in the exponential growth of the contractor industry in the UK since 1998.

We always want the best for our clients, which means providing unlimited support and advice to ensure our clients’ businesses run smoothly. We always listen to client feedback and suggestions, and are constantly improving our services and technology to ensure we continue to meet clients’ needs and provide excellent customer service.

Our Story

In 1998, IT contractor John Payne decided he’d had enough of high-street accountants not understanding his specific and unique needs as a self-employed professional. He knew that others were in the same position as him, so with his wife Louise they started Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, to provide accountancy services to highly skilled contractors and freelancers.

Originally working with a small team in their family home, John and Louise quickly realised they needed to expand, so in 2006 they moved to an office building in Potters Bar. Then in 2009, they expanded again and moved to Metropolitan House in Potters Bar, where Churchill Knight is now a bustling office of over 120 professionals providing accountancy services to thousands of contractors and freelancers all over the UK.

Our contractor accountancy service provides independent professionals with expert and specialist tailored payroll solutions. 

Our Promise To Our Clients

From the very first call with our clients, we strive to make the customer experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We believe in excellence and transparency, so we make sure to explain all the details of contractor accounting so our clients can make an informed decision on the type of payroll service that’s best for them and their contract situation.

From sign up to ongoing service, we have dedicated teams on hand to provide step-by-step support to set our clients up for long-term success and satisfaction.

We are a family-owned and ran business, not a corporate giant, so our interests lie purely in our clients’ happiness. As such, our promise is to always provide honest advice and tailor our service to each individual client’s needs.

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For more information, give our specialist consultants a call on  01707 871 610 or email enquiry@churchill-knight.co.uk . Alternatively you can either request a call back or a calculation below.