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Accounting for Marketing Consultants

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Accounting for Marketing Consultants

As a marketer, you wouldn’t accept anything less than the best, so don’t leave your accounting to chance.

As experienced contractor accountants, Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd are here to help you. We know your business and we will provide you with unlimited advice and support to help you operate your business.

As an astute and savvy marketer, contracting as a marketing consultant or strategist is a great step towards a fulfilling career. Let us help you find the best payroll service for your needs, so your clients can pay you easily and on time, leaving you free to do the important stuff. Your time and resources are your most precious commodities, so why not hand that time consuming paperwork to us?

Not sure what using a specialist contractor accountant will bring to your business? Well, for a start you can leave all the paperwork to us, as accountants, we love it. We also know a lot about legislation changes and we can guide you through them. Our team are here to help you any time you need, simply pick up the phone and call us when you need to.

Accounting Services


Could this be the easiest way to look after your accounting?

  • Online client portal, instant access to your accounts
  • Dedicated account manager – simply phone up and speak to us when you need to
  • All-inclusive service including payslip advice
  • We work alongside you and your contract length, no tie in or close down fees

You have the insight, strategy and tactics that your clients have come to rely on to improve their business, let us help you with your accounting and take the weight of the paperwork off your mind. As part of your all-inclusive service with Churchill Knight, you will receive unlimited advice. There is no need to book in a call, simply pick up the phone and speak to our dedicated account manager.

Benefits of contracting as a marketing consultant:

As a marketing consultant, you will be working alongside individuals and businesses to help them create and implement their marketing strategies. This is a rewarding career and many marketing professionals step away from their corporate roles and set up on their own so they can see their experience create value for their business clients.

Ability to meet business demands:

Many businesses cannot afford to hire a marketing director or strategist and decide to use external consultants to create the strategy for a new project

Potentially take home more money:

Contractors usually take home more money than permanent employees. If contracting through your own Limited Company, you could potentially take home to up to 80% of your gross pay.

Understanding of business structures:

As a marketing consultant, you will be operating your own business, giving you real insights into business owner’s concerns about marketing, dealing with vendors, managing cash flow and other business issues.


You are more likely to work on varied projects and gain experience within different industries very quickly.

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