how do I move to a new umbrella company?

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Switching to Churchill Knight Umbrella is easy

Joining from another umbrella is easy

If you are unhappy with your current umbrella company or would like to take advantage of the benefits available to contractors using Churchill Knight Umbrella, switching to us is simple.

To get things started, please contact us using the form to the right, by emailing or by calling 01707 871622. We will need you to complete and return our short Churchill Knight Umbrella registration form. This is straightforward and will not take you long.

We will then contact your recruitment agency and let them know about your desire to switch to Churchill Knight Umbrella. Meanwhile, you will need to speak with your current umbrella company and inform them about your decision to leave their services. You may need to serve a minimum leaving period so please check the details in your contract.

Once every party is aware of the upcoming changes, you will need to start uploading your timesheets and eligible expense claims via the Churchill Knight Umbrella online portal.

There are absolutely no joining fees or leaving fees when signing up and using Churchill Knight Umbrella. You will be in the hands of industry experts that are dedicated to providing you with an incomparably high level of service. We have helped over 20,000 contractors get paid and this number is continuing to grow at an exciting pace.

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