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Here are five of the best organisation apps for contractors

Last updated on Thursday, May 12, 2016

Written by Dinah Makani

In your busy schedule as a contractor, you may sometimes find it a struggle to remain organised at all times and even find the time to plan ahead. Delivering your services to your clients may not give you enough time to organise your professional schedule, let alone your personal one.

If that sounds like you, then the first thing you may want to consider is a contractor accountancy service to help take care of your contractor accountancy needs. The next thing you need is some, and maybe even all, of these apps to help plan your time, synchronise calendars and plan journeys.

1. Fantastical 2 – available on iTunes

If you are an avid iPhone user but find the calendar a little too simplistic and difficult to integrate, then this is the app for you. Key features include integration of reminders into your calendar, a more sophisticated ‘repeat event’ menu, integration with maps, rotated view, birthday options and text Expander support. Fantastical 2 will pull in reminders and notes from other apps and consolidate everything for you.

2. – available on iTunes, Android and online

Millions of users have downloaded ‘’ to organise shared projects and integrate lists with other users. Whether what you are working on involves input from others or not, is a great way to keep tasks and appointments neat and organised.

From segmenting daily goals and long-term goals to setting recurring tasks and using voice recognition, the app synchronises itself perfectly between all your devices and backs up to the Cloud. Wherever you are, you have an up to date list of all your projects, complete with reminders and support.

3. Highways England – available on iTunes, Android and online

Using your current location, this app sends you up to date traffic news as you need it. Official data is collected from thousands of vehicle monitors, CCTV cameras and patrol reports to show where the Highways England network is flowing well, and lets you know where there might be traffic incidents as they happen throughout the day.

4. Trainline – available on iTunes, Android and online

Trainline is one of the most popular and easy to use apps to plan your train journeys and book your tickets at the lowest cost. With handy station information, platform updates and tickets delivered to your mobile, this app allows you to manage your entire journey from planning to execution.

5. HMRC Tax Calculator – available on iTunes and Android

The HMRC Tax Calculator app allows contractors to work out how much tax they pay, and how the Government spends it. The app was introduced in spring 2012 and is updated with new features when necessary, such as the rollout of the new tax year.

Here at Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd, we help contractors remain organised by providing an all-inclusive contractor accountancy service.

We remove the hassle and stress of organising and managing your contractor accounting, giving you more time to focus on your contract role. Our service includes bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll and administration to keep your accounts in order and reduce the input required from you.

As leaders in contractor accountancy, our service provides you with all the accountancy essentials you need for your contractor business. If you are a contractor or are thinking about becoming a contractor, get in touch with our expert consultants who can discuss how you could benefit from contracting and how our services could benefit you.

For more information, contact our consultants at 01707 871622 or email

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