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Contracting and social media: how to make it a success

Last updated on Friday, March 4, 2016

Written by Dinah Makani

Social media has become a fantastic tool for businesses and individuals to promote their business or brand. It can also be a great tool with which to conduct research and gather information, especially for your recruiters and potential clients looking for new opportunities with contractors.

Not every social media channel will be suitable for your contractor business, so we have highlighted a variety of social media channels that will allow you to add your personal style and flair to your contracting career.

We are contractor accountants in London, and we help contractors across the UK to maximise their take home pay as well as provide useful tips and blogs such as this one. This article will provide you with the benefits of using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote a business and some top tips on how best to use them.


The most professional of all the social media sites, LinkedIn is a great place to display your skills. The website along with its mobile and tablet app allow you to publish an online version of your CV, add keyword skills and show off your previous work and accomplishments.

In addition to promoting your skills and experience, it is a great place to network with your previous and potential clients as well as recruiters. You can do this by posting articles of your own on LinkedIn Pulse and by liking and sharing posts relevant to your industry. Involving yourself in industry discussions and sharing your opinion will increase your online visibility and grow your connections.

Making your profile public will mean anyone can view it; it might seem counter-intuitive to privacy preferences but it is definitely worthwhile for contractors looking for new contract opportunities.

Top Tips for LinkedIn:

  • Copy and paste sections of your CV on to your profile to boost your profile strength and upload a downloadable copy of your CV
  • Publish posts to let your network know when you are looking for new work
  • Add your skills to your profile - your connections can endorse you for them
  • Add previous projects, upload your work to create your online portfolio and add your qualifications to showcase your expertise


Twitter is a great way to develop relationships both professionally and personally. Connect with your peers to join debates on industry news, discover new technologies in your industry and build your audience to increase your followers and grow your network.

Using Twitter for your contractor business allows you to add personality and demonstrate that you are an expert in your field. You can promote your company website and show off examples of your work through the ‘tweets’ and images you share.

You can also learn more about your customers’ needs through Twitter. Follow companies and organisations in your industry and tweet them to start a discussion on their business requirements, and then use that discussion to promote how your services could meet their needs.

Top tips for Twitter:

  • Using the hashtag (#) symbol followed by relevant keywords on Twitter increases visibility of your tweets
  • Tweets with pictures and videos are more likely to receive higher engagement


Facebook may seem like a waste of time for little reward, however setting up a business page is worth it. This popular social media platform can be fantastic when it comes to building relationships in your community and your chosen industry.

By creating unique content and sharing engaging content from other sources, you can make your Facebook page genuinely useful to other people involved or interested in your industry. Providing a service that people really relate to is the best way to grow your Facebook page organically.

If your business Facebook page has many ‘likes’, you can consider sponsored updates for increased likes and engagement to take your professional page up to the next level.

Top tips for Facebook:

  • Facebook currently boasts more video views than YouTube, so posting and sharing brief and interesting videos is a great way to keep your contacts engaged
  • A business Facebook page also gives you another Google Search Ranking, helping to promote your business when people search for related keywords
  • It’s a great place to encourage your clients to leave reviews about your service

If you are looking for more information on how to start or promote your contractor services or business, we would be glad to help. Our expert team can provide useful information about how to make the most of your contracting opportunities and our professional team can really help you to enjoy the full benefits of your contracting career.

For more information, contact our professional team of UK contractor accountants today on 01707 871622.

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