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Forgot to submit your Personal Tax Return? This is what to do next.

Last updated on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Written by Kyra Thompson

Each year, thousands of people miss the deadline to submit their Personal Tax Returns. This results in mounting late fees from HM Revenue & Customs, not to mention the huge amount of anxiety felt over the confusion and uncertainty of how to complete the Tax Return.

There is a simple way to ease your stress and get your Personal Tax Return completed now before your late fees start to increase. Read on to find out how.

Better late than never
The first thing to note is that you have now accrued a £100 late fee from HMRC for the late submission of your Personal Tax Return. You will need to pay this fee or find a valid reason or excuse in order to have it waived. You can see examples of these excuses below and if you have a legitimate reason, advise HMRC of this and they may waive the late fee for you.

Next you will want to enlist the support of a specialist. Our expert Personal Tax team at Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd will speedily complete your Personal Tax Return and submit it to HMRC without further delay.

For a one off fee of £250 +VAT, you will receive a stress-free service and can leave all the paperwork in our hands, with a guarantee that it is all being taken care of by experts.

What happens if you don’t complete your Tax Return immediately?
The consequences of delaying your Personal Tax Return further include:

  • additional penalties if inaccurate information is deemed to be tax avoidance
  • potential penalties for inaccurate or incorrect Personal Tax Returns

Companies House and HMRC are cracking down on small businesses who fail to complete their Returns accurately and on time. Committing errors on your Personal Tax Return could lead to an overpayment or underpayment of taxes; at worst, you could receive a penalty for what could have been an honest mistake on your part.

The best thing to do is to instruct an accountant or Personal Tax specialist to complete your Personal Tax Return for you, ensuring you don’t need to worry or become stressed about these possibilities.

Let our experts help you
Save yourself the stress and hassle - use our specialist service that guarantees a smooth completion of your Personal Tax Return.

To enlist the help of our Personal Tax team, simply instruct us to complete your Personal Tax Return by calling 01707 871610 (option 6) or emailing

Alternatively you can use the buttons below to find out more about our Personal Tax services, or request a callback by advising us on a suitable time for us to call you to discuss your options.

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