Top 5 Tech Innovations of 2016

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Top 5 Tech Innovations of 2016 so far

Last updated on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Written by Alex Cadman

We’re only in the first week of 2016, and already we have seen some incredible new tech ideas from pioneers like LG, Faraday Future and Samsung. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 is happening in Las Vegas this week, with hundreds of technology companies coming together to display their innovative breakthroughs.

We count down the top five tech announcements from CES 2016 thus far that contractors and freelancers will find useful, innovative and exciting:

5. The LG Gram 15 super lightweight laptop

LG Gram 15

While not a technological breakthrough per se, the LG Gram 15 is the world’s lightest 15-inch laptop. It is lighter than Apple’s new MacBook Pro, weighing in at less than 1 kg.

With a battery life of up to seven hours and an HD webcam for video conferencing, this laptop is ideal for travelling contractors who need a lightweight, high-tech laptop.

4. Hydrao Smart Shower

Smart Shower

This product may seem simple, but it’s the first of its kind and could save you money on your energy bill.

The Hydrao Smart Shower tracks your water usage as you shower. The LED lights built into the shower head indicate your consumption at three intervals, which you can connect via an iPhone or iPad app. It is perfect for eco-friendly contractors or those needing to save on energy costs and water bills.

3. Netatmo Presence outdoor smart home security system

Home Security

This product is good for contractors who often work away from home and are concerned about home security. Netatmo's outdoor security camera is able to recognise and analyse changes outside your home.

The camera can send notifications to your mobile device when a car pulls up to your home or if a person is hanging around your front door. It is also particularly adept at analysing threats such as a break-in attempt.

2. Samsung Gaia security system for smart TVs

Smart TV

If you are a technology enthusiast, you probably have a smart TV in your home. However with increased home connectivity comes increased threats to cyber security, as many IT contractors will be aware.

Luckily, Samsung has unveiled the Gaia smart TV security system. It is a three-layered security solution that includes data encryption, PIN protection for financial and account details and a virtual barrier between core services and the internet.

1. LG's roll-able OLED display TV


LG has taken flexible TV displays a step further by unveiling an 18-inch roll-able OLED display unit that rolls up like a newspaper.

Although it won't hit the market just yet, this unique product could appeal to contractors who need to save space at home or travel for work and want a unique way of making a pitch or presentation.

Bonus: Faraday Future's concept electric vehicle, the FFZERO1

Concept car

For the car-loving contractors out there, California-based Faraday Future has come out of the shadows to unveil their high-performance electric car concept. While merely a concept at this time, this car could rival the current luxury electric vehicle Tesla.

The FFZERO1 would have 1000-horsepower, and the ability to accelerate from zero to 60mph in under 3 seconds. Tesla's Model S has just 762-horsepower.

What are your thoughts on our list of new tech gadgets? Are there any innovations that you would like to see emerge in 2016? Leave us a comment below or share your thoughts on social media.

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