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Top 10: A Contractor's Ultimate Gadget Wishlist

Last updated on Friday, November 28, 2014

Written by Lauren Ellingham

On the move constantly, no specific desk for more than a couple of months let alone office space. Every contractor needs to have the gadgets to match the way the working life they carry out therefore, we have chosen a few we think could benefit most of you on-the-go individuals in order to add to your Christmas list;

1. Tablet Computer

Recent years have provided us with many alternatives to the traditional desktop PC which is extremely good news for the likes of a contractor. Tablet computer (i.e. small laptops) provide the same functionalities of a PC and/or full sized laptop but with the ease of being slightly smaller and therefore even more so portable.

We recommend: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

2. Conference Camera

Whether you are working from home, the local coffee shop or your temporary office, a conference camera will allow you to conduct face-to-face conferences on the go wherever you find yourself to be suited.

We recommend: Logitech Bcc950 Conference Webcam

3. Portable Scanner

It is very easy indeed to misplace important documents, receipts and even contracts. A portable scanner will allow you to scan in these pages as soon as you are handed them enabling you to make a soft copy just in case the hard copies are misplaced on your travels.

We recommend: Brother Duplex Colour Mobile Scanner

4. Portable Wi-Fi Hub

Unless at home or in a public place offering free Wi-Fi connection, you may not be able to stay connected or send necessary emails. A wireless ‘MiFi’ hub is a device allowing you create to your own Wi-Fi hotspot and connect your multiple devices to it, in essence, staying connected wherever you may find yourself.

We recommend: Three Huawei E5220 Mifi 3GB

5. Smartphone

It is rather uncommon these days for individuals to not own some form of a smartphone however we thought we would reiterate how helpful owning one can be. Evolution from the standard mobile phone has come a long way and with applications for pretty much anything you require at the source of your fingertips, it is essential to own a smartphone as a modern day man or woman. You also have the ability to stay connected on the various social media platforms you may involve yourself in, allowing you to reply to interactions with your accounts and stay up to date with the latest industry news through alerts and news feeds.

We recommend: Apple iPhone 6s

6. Wireless Charging Mat

The creation of the wireless charging mat enables you to charge your mobile devices and smartphone without the worry of having to find an electrical point. Perfect for those that are not necessarily situated in an office the entire day or have a lot of travelling to do.

We recommend: Duracell Power mat

7. Wireless Car System

Due to the obvious factor that being on your mobile phone whilst driving is against the law, a wireless car system is essential for those who have to travel a lot but still need to be contactable. Modern day cars often have these systems built in but for the less fortunate of us, there are many devices that can be installed by ourselves – as easily as clipping onto your sun visor!

We recommend: Jabra CRUISER2 Bluetooth In-Car Speaker phone

8. Sat Navigation Device

The requirement to travel to meet your clients may be a common part of your working role therefore to remain professional and reliable it is important to always be prompt and on time. Navigation systems nowadays can sync with up to date traffic reports in order to provide you with the most efficient route as well as pointing out when the next speed camera is approaching (very handy if you are running 5 minutes late).

We recommend: TomTom Start 25 5” Sat Nav

9. Smart watch

The latest form of portable communication technology, (especially considering the announcement of the Apple Watch due for sale early 2015) smart watches provide many functions but can also provide a much needed balance between work and personal. Strapped to your wrist, these devices can help you to keep on top your health and monitor your daily activity …as well as being able to respond to work emails and messages.

We recommend: Apple Watch

10. Coffee Machine

After all, doesn’t everybody deserve a decent cup of coffee? If you are working from home waiting for the kettle to boil 2 or 3 times a day could take up precious working time. Coffee pod machines provide you with coffee shop quality cups in under a minute, with no requirement to tidy up nor wait around says Paul from PWD Roofing & Construction company.

We recommend: Tassimo Vivy Coffee Machine by Bosch


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