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Contract renewals for contractors and freelancers – top tips

Last updated on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Written by Alex Cadman

Is your fixed-term contract coming to an end? Find out how you can successfully negotiate a contract renewal with your recruiter and end client.

First, find out in advance if renewing your contract will be an option. It might be that once your current contract ends, your client may no longer require your services. And in the case that you do not wish to renew, read our blog on how to find new contracts.

Contract renewals can be a great way to show future potential clients that you have staying power. So if you enjoy the work you are doing and have the opportunity to renew the contract, it could be a smart move.

If renewing your contract is a possibility, there are some things to keep in mind when negotiating the new contract with your recruiter and/or your client.

Keep in regular contact with your recruiter throughout your contract

It’s important that you and your recruiter have an open channel of communication throughout your contract. A good recruiter will support you and check in regularly to see how you are getting on and are therefore more invested in you. A recruiter who is invested in you will be more in tune with your circumstances and goals, and will ultimately do more for you when it comes time for a potential contract renewal.

Take control – make sure the renewal process starts in plenty of time

For 12 month contracts, it’s wise to start the renewal process three months before your current contract end date. For three to six month contracts, six weeks is an appropriate time frame. Let your recruiter know at this time if your client has informed you that they will continue needing your services, and your recruiter can begin the discussion with the relevant parties on your client’s side.

Involve your client in the renewal process

If you wish to renegotiate your contract for better terms or a higher rate, make your client aware of what you’re proposing in order to create a clear path of honest communication. Your client will see your dedication and commitment, and if your skills are in high demand they are more likely to give you what you ask for.

Keep your options open

It doesn’t hurt to research what other contracts are available; you may even find a ready-made contract with a higher rate and better terms that may only require minor tweaking. You should also consider the costs associated with finding a new contract versus renewing your current contract.

Contracting is ultimately about experience, and you should choose the path that is best suited for what you want and what you are looking to gain from your contracting career.

Successfully achieving a contract renewal involves good communication. Be confident and clear about what you want, and make yourself invaluable to your client to ensure you get what you’re aiming for. Remember that contracting is an exchange of services rather than an employment relationship, so stay professional when broaching the topic of contract renewal.

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