What you need to know about holidays and contracting?

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Holidays and contracting - what you need to know

Last updated on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Written by Ciaran Woodcock

With summer holiday season in full flow, we feel inspired to discuss contracting and holidays, and how you can enjoy a rewarding contracting career while still taking much-needed​ breaks.

Being a contractor means you have the freedom to pick and choose your contracts around a schedule that suits you. As a contractor, you aren’t stuck to the usual 28 days holiday, and gaps in between contracts represent an ideal opportunity to enjoy some sunshine and recharge your batteries. Whether your dream holiday is three months backpacking through Asia or spending a month driving Route 66, the flexibility of contracting means your dream holiday need not be just a dream.

We round up 5 key things for you to consider when considering taking a holiday as a contractor:

  1. Strategic Planning

One benefit of contracting is that you have a higher take home pay than a regular permanent employee. By strategically putting a little money away each month, you can quickly save for your dream holiday without worrying about dipping into your important savings. So with a little forward thinking and a budget, you can easily visit your dream destination.

  1. Increased Flexibility

As a contractor, you don’t have to plan your holidays in the same way as an employee would need to. If you know that you have a gap in between your contracts, this could be the perfect opportunity to unwind and take that much-needed break without worrying about how many holiday days you are allocated.

  1. Contract extensions

If your client is thinking of extending your contract or you are hoping to have your contract extended, make sure you communicate when you would need to take a break. You have the ability to plan downtime around big work projects so that you still get the rest and relaxation that you need without missing out on those important contract extensions.

  1. Contracting is all about experience

When it comes to contracting, gaps in your CV aren’t as important as with permanent employment. When you’re contracting, your client is interested in how many years of experience you have and what projects you have been involved in. Having a few gaps on your CV because you wanted to go travelling is not a big problem in the contracting sector.

  1. You are your own boss

The best part about contracting is that you are your own boss. You don’t need to plan your holidays around your colleagues’ schedules; you have the freedom and opportunity to go away when you need to.

As a bonus, the perfect scenario available to some contractors is the flexibility to take their work away with them. These ‘workcations’ allow contractors to take time off in any location they desire whilst keeping their end client happy. In order for a contractor to enjoy a successful workcation they need to ensure that they:

a) Have a reliable internet connection

b) Find a good location where they can work without distractions

c) Establish a solid ‘workcation schedule’

d) Keep avenues to communication available to the end client.

As shown, contracting and holidays can be a fantastic combination, which may explain why more and more people are making the switch from permanent employment to contracting.

Are you considering a career in contracting? If so, visit our website to find out more about contracting and whether it will suit you. If you are already enjoying a career in contracting, we can help you further maximise your take home pay. Contact us on 01707 871622 for more information or request a callback.

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