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Top 5 apps for contractors that are tablet optimised

Last updated on Friday, July 29, 2016

Written by Alex Cadman

With our summer of tech giveaway, which includes an iPad Mini 2, we feel inspired to write about the top five tablet optimised apps for contractors and freelancers.

Tablets have many functions, from video streaming (for you Netflix fans) to showing presentations and storing photos and documents. Having an iPad can help make your day to day business operations more seamless and efficient.

If you already have an iPad or a tablet, or if you want to receive one through our summer of tech giveaway, here are five useful apps for your tablet that can help you better run your contractor business:

  1. Goodreader

Goodreader, rated 4.5 stars on iTunes, is a great tool for reading, editing and managing your limited company documents. This app is compatible with MS Office, TXT, HTML and PDF files, and you can also share and access documents from your mobile or desktop. Goodreader also allows you to view pictures, watch videos, and edit your documents.

Goodreader is available for iPad Mini 2, at a cost of £3.99.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

If you need to access files and work from your home desktop, download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to access your home computer remotely. This app is configured for Apple products, not just Android, and provides you with a secure connection to your desktop data and apps. To use this app, simply configure your PC to accept remote access. Find out more here.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is free from iTunes.

  1. Workflow

Workflow is an incredible app that allows you to automate actions and workflows from your iPad and across all your other Apple devices. With the app, you can set your iPhone or iPad to automatically create a PDF of a page or document you are looking at. This app is like having your own personal assistant that takes care of the little tasks that you normally have to remember to do. This app is perfect if you use your mobile devices to support your contractor business.

Workflow costs £2.29 from iTunes.

  1. OfficeTime

IT Pro featured this app in its article ‘Best iPad apps for 2016’, highlighting that it was designed for freelancers and small businesses. With OfficeTime you can track the time spent working on specific tasks or projects. It can also work offline and allows you to run multiple timers to help you shift from one task to the next.

OfficeTime is free from iTunes.

  1. GoPro App

This app falls more into the ‘fun’ category, but can be used if you record presentations or do freelance content marketing. Used in conjunction with a GoPro, which is also part of our summer of tech giveaway, you can view and trim your photos and videos, create clips and connect with the GoPro Channel. It’s also able to wirelessly update your GoPro software.

GoPro App is free from iTunes.

What do you think of our list of tablet optimised apps? Do you have any reviews of the above apps you would like to share? Leave us a comment below.

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