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How to stay fit and be more active as a contractor

Last updated on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Written by Dinah Makani

Are you taking the time to look after your health and fitness? Or do you devote all your time to your client and fulfilling your contract that there is no time left for you?


If this sounds like you, or someone you know, it’s time to get inspired to take a little more time for you. It is time to get active. It is time to socialise. It is time to relax.

Our blog, with the help of our latest referral promotion giveaway, could see you enjoy a new sport and capture your adventurous side. So why not try a new sport after work and record yourself on a GoPro camera, chill out to great music with friends and family, or use the latest health and fitness apps on an iPad Mini 2. So read on to find out how you can improve your physical and mental health with our tips and tricks to maximise your evenings and weekends, and maybe just pull you away from long hours at your desk.


If you are looking to engage your adventurous side, why not clip a GoPro to your helmet or attach it to a selfie stick and then head outdoors. Be active, be adventurous and capture the moment in great quality video and pictures.

Whether you enjoy extreme sports such as mountain biking, kayaking and snowboarding or just prefer a good workout at the gym, you can film your progress as your try new activities.

What’s more, you’ll be surprised by just how amazing the footage you can capture is on such a small and compact camera. The unique fish eye lens makes the pictures and videos you take really distinct and different to other cameras out there. But the best part is, that having such a cool piece of kit will surely inspire you to head outside and be a little bit more adventurous.


From the moment you wake up, there are very few hours in the day that you aren’t connected to a piece of technology. For most of us, we begin our morning in bed checking emails, social media and instant messengers. Then later you go to work or start up your computer at home if you undertake your contractor duties from a home office and are in front of a computer screen for the rest of the day. And to relax in the evening, you might watch TV or Netflix or perhaps just stay in front of the computer surfing the web. If this never-ending cycle sounds like you, you might want to find a new way to unwind.

One great way to relax is by listening to music. Depending on your ailments, music can relieve multiple issues with recent research showing that classical music can relieve back pain targeting the automatic nervous system, it can improve your workout and it can also reduce memory loss.

So whatever you’re reason for listening to music, having high-quality speakers like the Bose Soundlink Mini II Portable Speaker will improve the sound quality and make the experience much more enjoyable.  

It’s time to workout

Hitting the gym can be repetitive, tiring and not to mention boring. So switch up your workout with these fantastic apps, all available to download onto an iPad Mini 2.

Perhaps you want to wake up and stretch it out with some yoga, then try the app called Blogilates. Or perhaps your busy schedule as a contractor means you only have small pockets of time and you struggle to find an hour for exercise. Well, don’t worry. The app Sworkit allows you to input how much time you have and the type of workout you want to do (cardio, strength, toning) and produces a workout suited to your schedule.

And if you prefer to skip the workout, there are plenty of apps to download onto your iPad Mini that will help you with nutrition and having a more balanced, healthy diet. 

So there are many interesting and unique ways to use technology to make you more relaxed, more active or more adventurous, depending on your personal goals.

It’s really quick and easy to do and all we need is the name of your friend or colleague who may be interested in our contractor accountancy service. When they sign up, we’ll send you the gadget of your choice.

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