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Must-see sports for contractors to watch this March

Last updated on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Written by Alex Cadman

Being a contractor has the added benefit of not being restricted to traditional office hours, so this March, use flexible working hours and locations to your advantage and enjoy some of these top sports from around the world.

Among the many benefits of contracting, flexibility to choose working hours and office locations allows you a lot more freedom to schedule your work life around your personal life and interests. In short, contracting helps to improve the elusive work-life balance.

This March, hundreds of events are happening all over the UK and the rest of the world. From the Davis Cup to Six Nations, there will never be a dull moment as this month is packed with exciting sport to watch and maybe even attend. Make use of your flexible work schedule to catch some of these must-watch sports on TV, and don’t forget to add your favourite events to your calendar.


  • 17-20 March: World Indoor Athletics, Portland, USA


  • 11 March -3 April: ICC World Twenty20, India


  • 2-6 March: World Track Cycling Championships, London


  • 8-9 March: Champions League round of 16 (2nd leg)
  • 10 March: Europa League round of 16 (1st leg)
  • 12 March: FA Cup sixth round
  • 13 March: Scottish League Cup final, Glasgow
  • 15-16 March: Champions League round of 16 (2nd leg)
  • 17 March: Europa League round of 16 (2nd leg)
  • 26 March: Germany v England, Berlin
  • 29 March: England v Netherlands, Wembley

Formula 1

  • 18-20 March: Opening Race, Australian GP, Melbourne

Horse Racing

  • 15-18 March: Cheltenham Festival


  • 27 March: Boat Race, London


  • 12 March: Six Nations, Ireland v Italy
  • 12 March: Six Nations, England v Wales
  • 13 March: Six Nations, Scotland v France
  • 19 March: Six Nations final round, Wales v Italy
  • 19 March: Six Nations final round, Ireland v Scotland
  • 19 March: Six Nations final round, France v England


  • 4-6 March: Davis Cup 1st Round, GB v Japan, Birmingham

If you are a sports fan, you will certainly have a busy month in March. Luckily, contracting gives you flexibility along with many other benefits that give you more free time to watch your favourite sporting events. Find out more about how can you maximise your time as a contractor with our UK Contractor Accountants services. 

Make sure you keep an eye on our blog and LinkedIn page for more sports updates as events unfold.

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