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We help contractors and freelancers:

  • Maximise take home pay
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  • Ensure you are compliant with HMRC
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Examples of weekly take home pay

Your Weekly Gross


Umbrella Company (net)


Limited Company Outside IR35* (net)

Ltd Company

£ 1,000

£ 644.49

£ 849.97

£ 1,500

£ 909.24

£ 1,269.97

£ 2,000

£ 1,163.82

£ 1,689.97

£ 3,000

£ 1,673.38

£ 2,529.97

*Higher rate tax could be applicable. Please contact one of our qualified consultants to discuss this further

We can provide you with the following options


Maximise your pay with Churchill Knight


Use our calculator to discover if you can maximise your take home pay with us.

We help thousands of contractors increase their income with our personalised service. Enter your details below for a quick calculation to find out how we can help you.

Churchill Knight offers a tailored service and based on your personal requirements we may be able to improve on the figure shown. 

Do you want to maximise your take home pay?


Pay CalculatorTry our take home pay calculator now to find out if we can help you maximise your income. 

Our calculator gives you a projected figure and takes into account higher rate tax for limited and umbrella companies and Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) for limited companies. 


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