Moving from an Umbrella Company to a Limited Company

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Moving from Umbrella to Limited Company

Moving from Umbrella Company to Limited Company is simple when using a service like ours. All you need to do to set-up your Limited Company is call our consultants on 01707 871622. As soon as your Limited Company and business bank account has been set-up, you can stop receiving payments via your Umbrella Company and switch to your Limited Company. It's a good idea to keep in mind that a lot of Umbrella providers require you to give a small amount of notice before concluding with their service.

Benefits of working through a Limited Company

  • You’ll be taking home more money
    Depending on your IR35 status, you can potentially increase your take home pay to up to 90%.
  • Claim back a wider variety of expenses
    You can claim back any legitimate business expenses and over heads such as travel, equipment, child care costs, software and many others.
  • More flexibility
    You will be able to run your business the way you like, you will be the boss. One of the benefits of working through a Limited Company is, as an example, to decide to hold money back in your business bank account, which in certain conditions can potentially reduce your tax liability.

Limited Company Set-up

If you’re looking to open a Limited Company, we can offer you a very comprehensive and simple to set-up service. Unlike some other contractor accountants, our monthly instalments won't begin until after you have started trading, therefore no payments will be required before you have been paid.

No upfront cost means you can concentrate on your new role and have your Limited Company administration taken care of.

How we can help you with your new Limited Company:

  • Maximise your take home pay
  • No minimum tie in period
  • Free company set-up and free closed down
  • Unlimited free in house advice
  • Full admin support
  • Process your expenses
  • Complete all your registrations
  • Provide instant access to your take home pay figure by SMS and email
  • Client Web Portal - the most secure and efficient way to submit expenses claims, mileage and timesheets  
  • Provide you with your tax bill by SMS or email, plus many other benefits
  • Proactive accounting 

For more information, contact us on 01707 871 622, or Alternatively you can either request a call back or a calculation below.

Maximise your Take Home Pay