Update for our Umbrella Clients

As a member of the FSCA, Churchill Knight Umbrella can benefit from their expert advice and guidance – especially when it comes to uncharted territory like we are well and truly entering now as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We appreciate the government’s efforts to support the self-employed, but a significant amount of information is still required in order to make sense of their new schemes.

The government announce additional support for the UK’s self-employed

As a result of the deadly spread of COVID-19, Boris Johnson has said it is his responsibility to ensure parliament acts like a “wartime government“ and does what is necessary to beat coronavirus, while supporting everyone who will inevitably be impacted by it. The pandemic has already had a significant impact on employers and employees in the UK – resulting in the loss of jobs and severe financial insecurity. But until now, Rishi Sunak had been unclear in explaining his plans for helping the self-employed. However, more information has been made available this afternoon (Thursday 26th March 2020) and here is what we have learned.

FCSA confirms Churchill Knight has gained coveted accreditation

Having undergone a comprehensive audit and rigorous assessment process, Churchill Knight (Contractor Accountancy and Umbrella) has successfully earned the prestigious FCSA accreditation. Already holding a Professional Passport accreditation, adding FCSA to our organisation is further proof of our commitment to compliance within the contractor payroll sector.