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Why should you contact Churchill Knight about the Criminal Finances Act 2017?

If your recruitment agency is not prepared for the new laws coming into effect in September 2017, you should be seriously concerned. The consequences for non-compliance include unlimited fines and custodial sentences. Partnering with Churchill Knight will help your recruitment agency remain compliant with HMRC legislation and can ensure your consultants operate effectively and within the law moving forward.

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How should your recruitment agency manage referrals?

New laws including the Criminal Finances Act 2017 will change the way recruitment agencies refer their candidates to accountancy and payroll providers. This is because the repercussions for referring a candidate to a tax evasion scheme could result in custodial sentences and unlimited fines. Churchill Knight has created a Referral Checklist designed to help recruitment agencies stay compliant and avoid severe penalties.

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How can you spot non-compliance on your PSL?

With the introduction of the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and additional laws aimed to eliminate the facilitation of tax evasion, having a dependable Preferred Supplier List (PSL) is now of critical importance. If you do not have a PSL you can trust to refer your candidates to, your business, managers and directors are at risk of unlimited fines and custodial sentences.