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The General Election: Great News for Contractors and Recruiters Alike

Last updated on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Written by Churchill Knight

John Payne, Partner at Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd, has viewed the recent General Election results as great news for both contractors and recruiters.

John, who co-founded Churchill Knight in 1998, said “The Conservative manifesto highlighted many pro-business policies, which can only be a good thing for the UK’s workforce and staffing industry. The Conservatives have displayed an understanding of business, and I expect the Conservative majority will continue with the positive steps made under the coalition government”

As highlighted in our recent blogs, the Conservative manifesto contained a variety of positive moves for recruiters and contractors alike. They help small to medium sized business owners to create a greater number of job vacancies within our economy.

Del Williams, Head of Business Development at Churchill Knight believes the election result will be a good thing for the recruitment industry, “The Conservatives have recently made a positive approach to tax avoidance issues and we welcome the changes they made in the 2015 Budget concerning Travel and Subsistence expenses.”


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