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CIS Umbrella is a service for Sole Traders

CIS Umbrella

As well as a traditional PAYE umbrella, Churchill Knight Umbrella Limited also provides a payroll service for professionals working in the construction industry – Churchill Knight CIS.

Typically, construction industry workers will be paid in one of two ways – either through their own personal service company (limited company) or using a CIS payroll service (if they decide to remain a sole trader).

If you are a contractor who wants to keep your sole trader status – Churchill Knight CIS is perfect for you.

What is CIS Umbrella?

The term ‘CIS Umbrella’ is actually a little misleading. If you are CIS registered and want to keep your sole trader status, using a specialist CIS payroll service (just like Churchill Knight CIS provided by Churchill Knight Umbrella) will help ensure your administration is minimal, you are paid on time and you are fully up-to-date with your taxes. However, this type of sole trader CIS service is often referred to as CIS Umbrella but you are not actually joining an umbrella company. Therefore, you will not be able to benefit from the perks of joining a PAYE umbrella company and you will not become an employee of theirs.

What is Churchill Knight CIS?

Churchill Knight CIS is a service specifically for sole traders working in the construction industry. Whilst being a service provided by Churchill Knight Umbrella Limited, you will not be joining an umbrella company and instead will benefit from an efficient and comprehensive payroll service that means you are able to keep your sole trader status (unlike if you joined an umbrella where you would become an employee of theirs). 

How does Churchill Knight CIS work?

You will be required to go to work normally and keep an accurate record of the hours you have worked. Your client will then pay us your salary and we will make the appropriate CIS tax reductions to HMRC on account. Once we have done this, you will be sent your pay which will be accompanied with a pay receipt.

If you have a Unique Tax Reference (UTR), Churchill Knight CIS will send you your pay minus a 20 percent CIS tax deduction that we will pay to HMRC on account. If you don’t have a UTR, Churchill Knight CIS will send you your pay minus a 30 percent CIS tax deduction that we will pay to HMRC on account.

With Churchill Knight CIS taking care of your tax contributions to HMRC, you can be assured you are not underpaying your tax and therefore you will not have to worry about receiving an unwelcomed tax bill in the future. Churchill Knight CIS can also help you complete your personal tax return at the end of the year where you may be able to claim a tax rebate. Some CIS sole traders see this as a great way of saving some money.

Whether you are CIS registered or not, using Churchill Knight CIS will help you safeguard against unwelcomed tax bills in the future. 

What happens with expenses?

If you are able to claim expenses, keep your receipts and you can claim the tax back via the completion of your end of year personal tax return. We can take care of your tax return for you and can even include this in our weekly margin – saving you on the VAT.

Tax Rebate

If you have overpaid your tax over the course of a year, you will be entitled to a tax rebate from HMRC. You are also able to claim a tax rebate if you are entitled to any business related expenses – just make sure you keep hold of the receipts.

Many self-employed CIS contractors see their tax rebate as a useful way of saving money because every year you may be entitled to a potentially significant sum from HMRC.

Our Calculator

Use our calculator to discover how much you could be taking hope as a Churchill Knight CIS sole trader.

Our calculator will compare your take-home pay to a limited company - just for your information. If you would like more information, please get in contact with us.

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What are the benefits of Churchill Knight CIS?

 As a sole trader working in the construction industry, using Churchill Knight CIS will allow you to benefit from some wonderful features what will help make your professional life as easy as possible.

Excellent Value – Our low weekly margin will ensure you are paid on time, every time. We can also include your personal tax return and insurance in the weekly margin if you require – saving you on VAT^.

Tax Rebate –You may be entitled to a handsome tax rebate at the end of the year and we will help you get this.

Minimal Administration –Other than recording your working hours and keeping hold of receipts if you are able to claim expenses, your administration is minimal.

Flexibility – You can join and leave our CIS payroll whenever you want and there is no tie in period. It is free to join and free to leave.

Easy Registration –Registering with our CIS payroll is incredibly straightforward and can be completed in 24 hours.

Faster Payments – You will be paid by same day faster payments – at no extra cost.

Full Compliance – Churchill Knight CIS is fully compliant with HMRC legislation. You can be assured that you are in the safest hands with us. 



^ If you decide to use our comprehensive package. Please contact us for more information. † Subject to insurers approval. Please contact us for more information. ‡ Providing we receive funds before 16:00.

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