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Top 6 motivation tips for contractors

As a firm of contractor accountants, we know that it can be a challenge for contractors to focus when working from a home office. With mobiles, TV and potentially other family members around, it’s easy to be distracted. With Thursday 25th February 2016 being National Motivation Day, we have decided to compile our top 6 tips on how to remain focused and productive when working from your home office as a contractor.

What will 2016 have in store for contractors?

2015 was a turbulent year for the contractor industry, with many changes announced to take effect in April 2016, such as the removal of Travel and Subsistence. Despite the challenges, contracting is set to continue to grow as an ideal career path, especially for IT and Finance professionals. What will this year have in store for contractors? What market trends and changes can contractors expect to see this year?