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Accountancy for Engineering Contractors

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Contractor accounting for engineers in the UK

Contracting as an engineer is a great way to choose the projects that you are most interested in. Many engineers from a variety of fields sectors, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, choose to be contractors due to the variety of work and higher pay available.

Whilst engineering contractors enjoy more autonomy and professional opportunities, there is still a responsibility that comes with working for yourself – and finding the best way to be paid.

There are a few ways you can operate as an engineering contractor in the UK – limited company director, umbrella company employee or sole trader. As many engineers are higher-earners, most find that being a limited company director is the best way to maximise their take home pay.

Discover your potential take home pay

Use our calculator to discover your potential take home pay as an engineer with a limited company.

As a firm of contractor accountants, we can discuss your calculator results with you to help you decide on the best way to be paid.

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Here are some of the types of engineers whom our contractor accounting service can help:

  • Civil engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Site engineer
  • Design engineer

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Contractor accounting – maximise your take home pay

A good contractor accountant can help you get the most out of your rate of pay and make your life easy. Engineers are busy professionals who often do not want to deal with time-consuming administration related to their limited company. That is why choosing a contractor accountant who can offer you an all-inclusive accountancy service will save you the most time and money in the long-run.

Here are a few things you should look for in a contractor accountant:

  • Experience in working with engineering contractors from a variety of fields
  • Personal tax planning options to help you maximise your take home pay
  • Company set-up included, no tie-in to the service and no closedown fee
  • A dedicated point of contact who knows your business and working circumstances inside and out
  • Unlimited support and assistance throughout your lifetime as a client

These are just a few things that make operating via a limited company straightforward and hassle-free, regardless of the length of your contract.

Visit our limited company accounting page to find out your options.

Other payroll options for engineers in the UK

As an engineer, you are not limited to just one payroll option. Depending on your working circumstances and where you are with regards to IR35, you could very well be best suited to working through an umbrella company or even as a sole trader.

Umbrella companies are best suited for contractors who work in the public sector, such as certain civil engineering contractors. Furthermore, if your contract will be less than 3 months in length or at a rate of pay of less than £550 per week, an umbrella company could be your best option. Visit our umbrella company page for more information.

If you choose the sole trader route, you have a lot of freedom but more personal liability and therefore as an engineer, this may not be your best option.

You can have a free consultation to discuss your options for getting paid by contacting Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd, who have worked with engineering contractors since 1998, via phone on 01707 871622.

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